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Hall Beach, Nunavut

Inns North

The Hall Beach Hotel

The Hall Beach Hotel

in Hall Beach, Nunavut Canada

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Hall Beach, Nunavut

Hall Beach is located at the north eastern tip of Melville peninsula at the shores of Foxe Basin, a narrow strait across from Baffin Island.

Hall Beach is one of the longest permanently populated communities north of the Arctic Circle. The main occupations here are hunting and fishing. Hall Beach is also a northern transportation centre with a commercial-grade airport which can accommodate large jetliners.

Each year on April 1, Hall Beach has a Hamlet Day festival featuring a community feast, traditional games and square dancing. Hamlet Day celebrates the return of continuous daylight from mid-April through mid-August.

In the summer you may see:

  • Sun Dogs: a phenomenon that is the result of sunlight reflection and produces rare, diamond-like duplicates of the Sun
  • spectacular Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights displays

Travel to the edge of Hall Beach and you'll find the remains of an old whale carcass on the edge of town. It is estimated to be between 350 and 800 years old and still has a pungent odor! You can also see the wreckage of a World War II Lancaster bomber that crashed here in the mid-1950s while transporting supplies for the DEW line.

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Hall Beach

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The beach at Hall Beach

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DEW Line Station
DEW Line station at Hall Beach

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