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Hall Beach Hotel Services

The Hall Beach Hotel

in Hall Beach, Nunavut Canada

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Hall Beach Hotel Services

The Hall Beach Hotel is nine room hotel which can accommodate 9-18 people. Each room is appointed with flat screen TV, private bath, and features local artwork on the walls. Guests enjoy delicious home-style meals, and can sample northern delicacies like Arctic Char, lake trout, and Caribou steaks.

  • private bathrooms
  • conference facilities
  • business support services
  • coffee service
  • post office
  • cable television & radio
  • In room phone and internet
  • complimentary airport shuttle service
  • vehicle rentals
  • rooms $240 CDN per person
  • suite $319 CDN per person
  • traditional and Canadian cuisine
  • catering
  • laundry

The Hall Beach Hotel

Restaurant in Hall Beach

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