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Inns North

The Hall Beach Hotel

in Hall Beach, Nunavut Canada

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The Hall Beach Hotel



Phone: (867) 928-8952

Toll Free: 1-888-866-6784


The Hall Beach Co-op

General Store offering groceries, hardware, drygoods, crafts, POL contractor services, hotel, taxi, truck rental, house rentals and post office.

Phone:(867) 928-8876


Arctic Adventure Travel

The Great Canadian Travel Company Ltd. offering unique travel tours throughout Nunavut. Contact them for more information on creating your own customized arctic adventure.


Phone (204)949-0199

Toll Free: 1-800-661-3830


Information on Hall Beach Festivals

Contact the Hamlet office

Phone: (867) 928-8829

Hamlet of Hall Beach

Sunset at Hall Beach

Hall Beach International Airport

The airport at Hall Beach

Hall Beach Co-op

The Hall Beach Co-op Centre

Hall Beach

The Beach at Hall Beach

Hall Beach




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