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Bird Watching and Botany

Inns North

The Hall Beach Hotel

in Hall Beach, Nunavut Canada

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Bird Watching

Hall Beach enjoys bird watching opportunities throughout the year.

In late spring and summer:

  • common eiders
  • long-tailed ducks
  • brant
  • tundra swans
  • phalaropes
  • Sabine's gulls
  • snowy owls

and other waterfowl migrate north to nest on the many tundra ponds behind the community. Peregrine falcons can be found in hilly areas on the far side of Hall Lake.

Hall Beach is also home to Ravens that have specially adapted to the winter cold. These large big black birds can be seen hovering for hours in the blustery, -70C winds.


Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

The Raven

The Raven

Arctic Lousewort

Arctic Lousewort in bloom


The tundra around Hall Beach is also a paradise for botanists and photographers. The light soil here produces carpets of moss and lichen and ground-hugging flowers such as: arctic cotton

  • arctic heather
  • mountain avens
  • moss campion
  • louseworts
  • saxifrages

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